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Garfield Park has been a Capital Landmark since 1791. It is also were we used to play basketball under the bridge.We still use the park today for horseshoe pitching every Friday in the summer time. It is also were we have our annual Arther Capper…

Joe's Store/3rd and K Market
Joe's Store or 3rd and K Market was one of the Icon at Arthur Cappers. It was the store everyone frequent when they did not go to the Safeway. At night it was a place were all the singers in the neighborhood would meet up and do-whoop until the late…

Saint Paul AUMP Church
Located at 401 I Street SE, Saint Paul African Union Methodist Protestant Church is one of the few surviving buildings from the predominantly African-American community that developed in the industrial area between Capitol Hill and the Washington…

The Washington Star, previously known as the Washington Star-News and the Washington Evening Star, was a daily afternoon newspaper published in Washington, D.C. between 1852 and 1981. For most of that time, it was the city's newspaper of record. On…

Arthur Capper Swimming Pool at Van Ness
Leron Goodrun
this pool made me swimming all American in DC and at Tennessee state univ. it was right next door to 1101 we had it good in the hood.thank you Jesus for showing me the way. — at 1101 .

The Chain Basket Ball Court was a court that was in the alley between K st and L st . The court was small but was very big in when it came to play basketball. Everybody came to play on the Chain Court. Even though we had other basketball court that…

The Friendship House
Friendship House (also known as The Maples, Maple Square, or Duncanson House) is a Georgian townhouse, located at 619 D Street, (630 South Carolina Avenue), Southeast, Washington, D.C., in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.The Friendship House…

CAPPER'S RECREATION CENTER was located at 5th and K street South East DC. It was operated by Ann Cooke, Mr. Kelsey, Marvin Groove, Hooks,Mickey, just to name a few. It was well known for its girls and boys sports teams,(Football,Baseball,and…

The Washington Navy Yard is the former shipyard and ordnance plant of the United States Navy in Southeast Washington, D.C. It is the oldest shore establishment of the U.S. Navy.
The Yard currently serves as a ceremonial and administrative center for…

Fuller's Barbershop
Fuller's Barber Shop owned and operated by Luther Fuller. Fuller's shop has been serving the Arthur Cappers neighborhood for over 45 years and still remains open as of today at 1100 L St S.E.
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