Gregory Parker


Gregory Parker


Mr. Gregory Parker was born on February 29, 1952 in Southwest Washington, DC at 1314 Union St., SW. In March 1960, his family moved from Southwest to Arthur Capper public housing in Southeast. There were seven in his immediate family: parents Wallace and Dorothy, 2 sisters, 2 brothers, and himself. They lived in a three-bedroom apartment in 1024 4th St SE, Apt 12. Mr. Parker attended Van Ness Elementary School and then transferred to Giddings Elementary School. He attended Randall Junior High in Southwest, Washington, DC and Phelps High School in NE Washington, DC, graduating in 1970. As a child, he sold newspapers for the Washington Star and later worked for his father in the grocery store he owned: East Crest Market on 1130 Constitution Ave, NE. The interviewee lived at 1024 4th St SE until he was 19, when he joined the Air Force. When he retired in 1991, Mr. Parker returned permanently to the Washington, DC area, but never lived again in Arthur Capper public housing. By this time, his parents and siblings had moved from Arthur Capper.

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