Oral History of an Anonymous Source


Oral History of an Anonymous Source


Oral History of an Anonymous Source


Key Points: All of that area was under District of Columbia Public Housing. Ellen Wilson wasn't named Ellen Wilson until approximately 1970-1972. Capper was essentially the name of the Recreation Center on 5th Street. I believe it's a misnomer and incorrect to separate the Property by name, Ellen Wilson, Capper, Carrollsburg. This was nothing but a Marketing Ploy to break up the property in the mid 80s to early 90's because of the mass killings in Capper. Capper had a bad name. If you worked in Housing, moving someone or relocating them mentioned the name Capper many were frightened, resisting, not wanting to relocate to the area. Renaming the Property was nothing short of a Marketing Ploy and Safe Haven to Calm People down reassuring them of a Safe Transition to new neighborhood. During this time they were sending people from all sections of of D.C. to live in Capper from N.W. N.E. S.W. S.E. Barry Farm.

Back to Capper, in the early days when we lived on the 5th Street / 7th Street side of Capper the thing that separated 5th Street, 7th Street side of Capper was building the bridge. Theoretically, and Technically, for sake of Argument Capper can be confined only to the buildings that existed on 5th and Virginia Avenue. 7th and K Street and 7th and L Street and 7th and M Street. Respecfully, which consist of 501, 601, Virginia Avenue, S.E., 625 K Street S.E., 1011 L. Street S.E., 1101 L / M. Street S.E. Rational, these are the buildings that surrounded the Capper Recreation Center on 5th Street S.E. Anything beyond 5th & Virginia Ave. 5th & K Street, 5th & L Street, 5th & M. Street would not be considered Capper. Having cited the above YOU see HOW silly that Argument Sounds. Because back in the day when we lived on 5th Street / 7th Street Side of Capper in the 1960s everyone paid their rent at the Rental Office adjacent to 501 including the residents of all the property from 7th & Virginia Ave. to 7th and M Street to 2nd Eye Street to 2nd and M Street.

Another Key Point: Capper was the Largest Housing Project in Washington D.C. (Statement of Fact) Approximately 1000 Acres. I would go as Far as requesting from D.C. Housing the History of Arthur Capper, D.C. Housing Authority neighborhoods from 5th & 7th Street S.E. to 7th & Virginia Ave to 7th & M. Street S.E. to 2nd and Eye Street to 2nd and M. Street S.E. Rational, there is enough False information on the Internet without proper research. You don't want the Capper Website to Fall in this Category of mis-information. Again, there were more than 700 people living in 501 and 601 Combined back in the 1960s There were more than 700 people living in 625 and 1011 combined. There were more than 700 people living in 1101 alone which took up the whole block of 7th & L to 5th & L Street.


Sherman Mills


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