Carlena Farrar oral history


Carlena Farrar oral history


From 1966 to December 1993, Carlena Farrar lived in Arthur Capper Public Housing. She is one of seven children. Her mother, Lena Farrar, had previously lived in Carrollsburg [which she said was public housing in SW] and then at 3rd and K St., SE in Arthur Capper, where Carlena Farrar was born in 1966. In that year, they moved to a townhouse at 3rd and I St., SE (310 I St., SE) and stayed there until December 1993.

In this oral history, Ms. Farrar spoke a lot about growing up in the 1970s in Arthur Capper, as well as in very interesting detail about the changes that occurred through the 1980s. She moved out in 1993, but has more recently reconnected with the Arthur Capper community through Facebook and the reunions.


Johanna Bockman


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